People build things differently. Cars. Buildings. Bikes. Websites. We believe the way we build is unique. We focus on making the site SEO friendly on the front end, not on the back. We believe in you being self-sufficient and knowledgeable. Our goal is to make you dangerous….like in a website way.

CP Digital offers fully responsive website builds with custom design and branding using a scalable content management system (Wordpress). Site will be built with easy navigation, calls to action for lead conversions, and strong Organic SEO and Local SEO structures.


Website design includes all phases of design, development, site configuration, quality and usability reviews, website rollout, post launch follow up, education and training


Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing efforts and drives conversions from organic, paid, and social initiatives. Our design and development considers and presents a holistic digital marketing approach.

Self Sufficiency Model

We do offer site hosting and maintenance plans, but our main goal and commitment is to make sure our clients are trained on how to use the website so they can be self sufficient moving forward from launch.

  • WordPress is the best CMS in 95% of cases​
  • You should own your website and URL​
  • You should have a site built that has coding populated on the back end – meta and on page elements​
  • You should have high res images on your site to represent your brand​
  • You should be able to easily change your website if desired​
  • Your site should be the #1 source to communicate your brand identity​
  • You should have Google Analytics on your site and know the basics​
  • You should have clear and easy conversion points​
  • Your navigation should make it easier for user, not more difficult​
  • Your site should load quickly ​
  • Your site should be responsive​
  • Organic traffic should be your #1 source of traffic​
  • Mobile traffic should now be over taking Desktop traffic​
  • You should have solid stationary content and an updated blog
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