Paid Media to us?  Paid Media is paying for placement.

This means Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter Ads, Instagram Placement, Programmatic Digital Display, Connected TV and Digital Radio among other categories. Do we have the ability to provide it all? Eh-hem – yeah. Whatever your target market is, we can reach them through Traditional Media as well as SEO, SEM, Social, Content, Events, Creative Services, Radio, TV, Website Design. What areas of the funnel are you currently hitting and what areas are you striking out?

No more questioning, “What is it I am paying for?” We tell you what we charge you to execute these types of campaigns up front. No 90% profit margins for us. Paid Media is charged through click based pricing but we are focused on conversions first and foremost.

We use a series of paid search providers in order to hit the goal of providing qualified leads, which may include all top search engines as well as social networks and ad networks. We can target Facebook users who are in our email opt-in program (as well as yours) and the look-alike audience we have created that matches our users’ likes to drive leads.

  • Increase your leads and community with ramped-up velocity
Paid Media Campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords)
  • Facebook Video ads, website-to-client ads, and engagement ads (Destop & Mobile)
  • Facebook Sponsored Posts
  • Audience Targeting using 1st party data, RTB, Search, & Social
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing Retargeting
  • Facebook Retargeting (Desktop)

Why we are Different

  • We use enterprise-level software to assist in development, design, and deployment of our clients campaigns
  • We are a certified agency for AdWords, Analytics, Facebook, and SEO
  • We focus on true ROI and NOT just rankings
  • We have dedicated, seasoned strategists for each discipline our clients desire to engage in
  • We execute all our service offerings with precision and state-of-the-art best practices in many disciplines (such as Real Time Bidding, Display, Retargeting, Search Engine Marketing, our own Display Network, etc.)
  • We connect all marketing channel efforts into actionable and easily understandable metrics
  • We have the ability to share our voice and audience with your advertising such as promoted status updates from some of our publisher partner’s Facebook pages
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