Local Search Engine Optimization is a pretty fancy sounding term, huh? Cloaked in complexity, Local SEO is actually a very easy concept to understand, you just have to peel it back like an onion. We put our eggs in one big basket – Google. Not often do you hear, “Bing is evil” or “yahoo is playing god”…..or “did you hear about all of the algorithm updates at AOL in the last year?” The reason why you don’t hear those things is because two-thirds of all searches in the world are done using Google. Our goal is to get control of, optimize, and improve all factors relating to getting your Google maps (Google My Business) listing to help it show up for relevant searches near you. IE – “The low hanging fruit.” If people are in your area, searching online for things you provide, and you aren’t showing up……Houston, you have a problem. Let’s meet and discuss. We know what we are doing!

Why Local SEO?

  • Gets your business found in local searches
  • Improves rankings on maps
  • Generates foot traffic and engagement
  • If someone within 5-10 miles of your business searches for what you sell, don't you want to be an option?

Digital Marketing Agency North Loop, Minneapolis Search

Digital Marketing Agency North Loop, Minneapolis

Geared toward mobile and tablets to improve REACH and RELEVANCE within Google Maps so you can be found when people are in your area and on the go.

What We Do:

  • Claim and verify location listings
  • Merge duplicate listings
  • Build diverse citations: Top Tier, Niche-Geo and Aggregator Syndication
  • Maintain best practices in an evolving space
  • Enhance citation listings by adding descriptions, photos, etc.
  • Conduct social audit and recommend best practices
  • Reputation monitoring and notification of user comments and reviews on your business pages
  • Provide review funnel technology for your website
  • Conduct website audit and make SEO recommendations
  • Measure results with concise reporting: baseline report and monthly updates

Grab your phone. We have 3 questions for you.

1. What search terms do you want to show up for?

Private Dining Twin Cities? Engagement Rings near Galleria? Roofing Repair near 55423? Best Real Estate Agent St. Paul?

2. Are you showing up?

3. What can you do about it?