How do I stop marketers from calling & emailing?

Digital sales people live in a world of cold-calling and emailing. I know this because not only have I done it before, but I receive these inquiries all day long. They are impersonal and really targeting the less knowledgeable business owner. Copy and paste the template, change the name of the individual, change the business name, add in customized sentence, then send.  This is how they make their living. Make 100 calls, get 1 sale is the Math they use. So here is a list of things you can do to not only get those people to stop contacting you about your digital marketing, but also improve your business at the same time.


  1. Register at the Do Not Call Registry –
  2. Answer the phone! Say, “Can you please put me on your do not call list?”
  3. Take care of your digital footprint so telemarketers can’t cherry pick your weaknesses.
  4. Make sure your Google My Business Page is claimed and properly set up on Google Maps. This is imperative to be found on mobile searches.
  5. Make sure your website has a link to the Google Map listing of yours – not linked to the address.
  6. Verify your Facebook Page – 1 out of every 2 Facebook Pages is not verified. Do it now!
  7. Make sure your website is responsive to all devices and loads quickly!
  8. Encourage online reviews.
  9. Make sure you have Google Analytics on your site. If you don’t – do it today!
  10. Read marketing news every day so you can be saavy in the digital space. There are a few to watch out for!

We all agree that these callers are annoying – but keep in mind – they are calling for a reason. They have found a kink in your armor. A lot of them mask as a google employee or google certified and are not. The best way to avoid dealing with marketing cold callers and emails is to make sure you’re following best practices and have some of these basic verifications in place. That way, they have nothing to call you about.

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