We provide you access to a full team of industry-based experts working toward achieving your business objectives in the digital space. We manage your business’s complete digital presence with clear ROI reporting.

CP DIGITAL is a community of turbo charged digital marketing gurus with over 135 years of combined experience in the Twin Cities market. We know Minnesotans. We know what makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside and what makes them shiver. We believe in cleaning up messes, not making them. Throughout the years, we have encountered many different businesses that have been wronged by a digital agency in one way or another. We are here to help with and prevent those pitfalls. We are your watch dog. We want to be your hero, baby. We accomplish tasks quickly while our competition is still creating a work order for it. We are small, agile, and experienced. We believe in empowering and educating our clients to make them self-sufficient in the areas where they should be. We focus on the rest.

Our team of 15 full-time strategists and specialists have over 135 years of marketing experience in Minnesota. We are Minnesotan, ya know. Here’s a look at our leadership:

Kelly Java - Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager with over 9 years of experience and a diverse background in digital marketing, including media development, content marketing, reputation management, search engine optimization, data analysis and reporting.

We run around every day at super human speed. That’s because we believe you deserve urgency. We want you to know you’re important, but more than that we want you to feel it. Created and focused within the walls of a Twin Cities Landmark; CP Digital has a deep understanding of how slow large agencies can be with turning around projects or implementing strategy. Nothing is worse than when you need something as a business owner, and you visualize it just sitting on some person’s desk waiting to be looked at. Once we start working for you, our goal is to feel like you hired 10 rabid, hyper-focused employees for the price of one and we work towards that every day.


CP Digital offers the following digital marketing solutions. Have a question or a specific need you don’t see listed here? We love to think outside of the box – contact us today – and we’ll do our best to find a solution or at the very least offer a recommendation.

Local SEO

Organic SEO

Paid Media

Social Media

Programmatic Advertising

Website Development